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Mothopong Creche 2018

Project Report


The 2018 design build studio project at the University of Nottingham was the 8th creche project undertaken in partnership with Education Africa, and the 7th  working with Thusanang Trust in Limpopo.  This creche also represents the tenth year that Nottingham has been working in South Africa.

The 2018 project involved 30 students working together to design and build the project, including fundraising to purchase building materials and covering travel and logistics

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SHG Member of the Year 2016


Mam’ Phoshoko, a member of Ikageng SHG in Segwashi village, Limpopo, formed by Thusanang Trust in February 2012, is the winner of Sinamandla's SHG Member of the Year Award for 2016. She cares for five members in her household. She has savings of around R500 in her group and has taken and repaid 15 loans worth over R7,000 of which 8 loans have been for her business activities. She buys and sells sweets and snacks in her village she also buys material to sew clothes for children and adults which she sells at social grant pay point and to SHG members.




Mam' Phoshoko assists with recording in her group minute book when needed and translates into English if her group has visitors. At all times she encourages SHG members to start their own businesses and is willing to teach other member to sew. She also encourages community members to join an SHG as she sees the importance of being in an SHG in her own life. Congratulations Mam' Phoshoko!



Graduation Ceremony 2014

Thusanang Trust
Ms Michelin Dlodlo from the Dept of Education  adressing the practitioners during the ECD level 4 graduation and ECD Skills certificate ceremony

Thusanang Trust

ECD Skills Practitioners 2014

Thusanang Trust

Level 4 Graduates 2014

Kids Concert at Thušanang September 2016

Richard Cock and the Johannesburg Festival Orchestra delighted the children in our area by bringing their music to Thusanang.

There were +/-200 children from Katane and Makome Schools in Segwashi, Driekhoek Primary School in Maribe Thema, Maweshi Primary School in Makgeng, Haenertsburg Primary and Appel Schools in Haenertsburg. Richard Cock had the children all joining in with singing and clapping as they learnt about the different instruments of the orchestra.

Oxfam’s Publication – Case Study 15 entitled
Building Early Childhood Development Capacity
in Limpopo;  The Thušanang Trust's Approach
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