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Parent Capacity Building

Workshops that build on existing experience, knowledge and skills of primary caregivers are held at ECD centres affiliated to Thušanang. The workshops introduce new ideas and provide information and the opportunity for dialogue on the care, protection and development of children.

Basic First Aid

Thušanang offers the St John Document C First Aid Course at levels 1 and 2.

We aim to ensure that at least one practitioner from each ECD centre that we work with has acquired skills in Basic First Aid.

Self Help Group Approach - SHG

The Self Help Group Approach seeks to organise and build the capacity of the poorest community members so that they can play an important role in the development process of the whole community, leading to economic, social and community empowerment.

There are 47 established Self Help Groups with a total of 846 members at present.

Letsema Programme

This is a collaborative project with members of the Association of Limpopo ECD Resource & Training NGOs (ALERT). Through workshops and horizontal learning & leadership exchanges, the programme aims to develop grassroots leadership and unlock local resourcefulness.

Laptop Programme

Classes are held once a week at three primary schools combining information technology with mathematics, literacy and biology.