Information Sharing Dialogues

Awareness raising dialogues on various topics that ultimately affect the well-being of the young child are held in the communities where Thušanang works with ECD centres. Topics include: Children’s rights; child trafficking; child protection; alcohol & drug abuse; gender based violence; the importance of early childhood development and others. Specialists in the relevant field are invited to co-facilitate the sessions.

Parent Capacity Building

Workshops that build on existing experience, knowledge and skills of primary caregivers are held at ECD centres affiliated to Thušanang. The workshops introduce new ideas and provide information and the opportunity for dialogue on the care, protection and development of children.

Self Help Group Approach - SHG

Self Help Groups are an informal association of women in a community with a common objective of working together for their economic and social development. The project is taking place in four different areas and is supported by 6 community facilitators residing in those areas.

There are currently 65 established Self Help Groups with a total of 1,194 members. There are two Cluster Level Associations that are made up of leaders from the SHGs who work together on specific community projects.

Basic First Aid

Thušanang offers the St John Document C First Aid Course at levels 1 and 2. The initial aim is to ensure that at least one practitioner from each ECD centre affiliated to Thušanang has acquired skills in Basic First Aid. Thereafter a second practitioner is trained.


ECD Cluster Project

This project to strengthen ECD and the implementation of children’s rights is being rolled out in GaMolepo, GaMamabolo and GaMothapo in the Capricorn district. Most of the programmes offered by Thušanang will eventually be offered to the ECD centres, parents and community members of these clusters. The cooperation of all stakeholders is relied upon to create an environment that is conducive for the development and well-being of the young child.

Regular newsletters keeps communities informed of various programmes and are distributed in Ga-Mammabolo, Ga-Molope and Ga-Mothapo.

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SHG members participating in a beading workshop


Regular meetings are held with respective SHG members